About CRAB

Who Are We?

www.casinoreviewsandbonuses.com (CRAB) is a United Kingdom based company. CRAB is managed by a team of seasoned online gambling industry veterans who have all been involved in online gambling software development, operations and marketing for over ten years.

We believe that every online gambling enthusiast has the right to be informed and play in a safe and trustworthy environment and our roles is to provide the information and tools to support that.

What Do We Do?

Our knowledge stems from having worked in various roles for gambling software companies and operators and our founders were involved in the industry almost since its inception. We have very good rapport with most of the leading gambling companies and operators and leverage these relationships to the benefit of you, our visitor. We are able to escalate issues and problems quickly to get results.

We see our role as one of intermediary between players and gambling operators where are responsible for educating players, and resolving issues they may encounter.

Ultimately we are about helping players have a safe and pleasant gambling experience and the fact that not other portal is willing to back up its recommendations with a guarantee is testament to our commitment. In short, we put our money where our mouth is.

Our Mission

a. analyse and promote online gambling services in a manner which is completely transparent and present the facts in a professional and responsible.

b. play an intermediary role between gambling sites and players and add value to the relationships, ultimately improving the customer experience.

c. be a trusted source of information for players and operators.

Our People

Webmaster: Spencer Leftfield

Email: [email protected]

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