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The Pros and Cons of Joining Buffalo Partners: A Comprehensive Review

Are you considering joining Buffalo Partners, the affiliate program for some of the world’s leading online casinos? It is important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision. In this comprehensive review, we will explore both the advantages and disadvantages of joining Buffalo Partners.

The Pros and Cons of Joining Buffalo Partners: A Comprehensive Review


High Earnings Potential

One of the biggest advantages of joining Buffalo Partners is the high earnings potential. The program offers competitive commission rates, ranging from 25% to 50%, depending on the number of players you refer and the revenue they generate. With a large pool of players across multiple online casinos, there’s plenty of opportunity to earn significant passive income. Buffalo Partners has a strong commitment to transparency and provides detailed reports outlining the commissions earned.

Trusted and Established Brand

Buffalo Partners has been in the online gaming industry for over a decade, and is a trusted and established brand. They partner with some of the world’s leading online casinos, including JackpotCity, Ruby Fortune, and Spin Palace. By joining Buffalo Partners, you’ll be associated with a reputable and well-known brand, which can help build trust and credibility with potential players. This can translate to higher conversion rates and increased earnings for affiliates.

Wide Range of Marketing Materials

Buffalo Partners provides a wide range of marketing materials to help you promote their online casinos. This includes text links, banners, and landing pages, as well as customized materials upon request. The program is also available in multiple languages, making it easier to reach a global audience. The marketing materials supplied by Buffalo Partners are of high quality and designed to attract potential players.

Personalized Support

Buffalo Partners provides personalized support to its affiliates. The program has a dedicated team of professionals who are available to answer any questions and provide guidance to affiliates. Buffalo Partners is committed to ensuring that its affiliates succeed and offers training and resources to help them achieve their goals.


Limited Payment Options

One of the main disadvantages of joining Buffalo Partners is the limited payment options. Currently, the program only offers payments via bank transfer or Skrill. This can be inconvenient for affiliates who prefer other payment methods, such as PayPal or Payoneer. Buffalo Partners should consider adding more payment options to cater to the needs of its affiliates.

High Minimum Payment Threshold

Another potential drawback of Buffalo Partners is the high minimum payment threshold. Affiliates must earn at least €100 in commission before they can receive payment. For affiliates who are just starting out, or who only refer a small number of players, it may take some time to reach this threshold. This can be discouraging for new affiliates and may lead them to seek other affiliate programs with lower minimum payment thresholds.

Restricted Countries

Buffalo Partners is not available in all countries. Affiliates from certain countries, including the United States, France, and Italy, are not eligible to join the program. This can limit the potential audience for affiliates who are based in these countries. Buffalo Partners should consider expanding its reach to include more countries to attract a wider audience and increase its potential earnings.


Overall, joining Buffalo Partners can be a lucrative opportunity for affiliates who are interested in promoting online casinos. With a high earnings potential, trusted brand, wide range of marketing materials, and personalized support, there are many advantages to joining the program. However, the limited payment options, high minimum payment threshold, and restricted countries may be a downside for some affiliates. It’s important to carefully consider these pros and cons before making a decision to join Buffalo Partners. As an affiliate, it is essential to research and evaluate various affiliate programs to identify the best fit for your needs and goals.

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