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Discretionary gaming

For your own advantage, we ask that you carefully read this material.

Wonder Play Company N.V., which has its headquarters in Willemstad, Curacao, runs Red Dog. 162233 is the company registration number.


Definitions and Interpretation


The following circumstances establish the meanings of words whose first letter is capitalized.

The following definitions are to be understood equally whether they are written in the singular or plural.

  1. Account refers to a special user name and password set up just for you to access our service or specific features of it.
  2. Wonder Play Company N.V. is referred to as “the Company,” “We,” “Us,” or “Our” throughout this Agreement.
  3. Service is referred known as Red Dog.
  4. Website is referred to as a service.
  5. References to in the website.
  6. You refers to the person who accesses or uses the service, or, if applicable, the business or other legal organization that the person is accessing or using on their behalf.

Discretionary gambling

For most of our Users, gambling equals enjoyment, pleasure, and excitement. We do understand, nevertheless, that some of our Users deal with the drawbacks of gambling. International medical organizations have long recognized gambling addiction as a sickness.

We are fully aware of the precautions that may be taken to lessen the hazards associated with gambling addiction. When we refer to “responsible gambling,” we imply taking certain precautions to reduce the likelihood that unfavorable side effects would manifest. We also aim to lessen the effects should they arise.

Knowledge and education on the hazards of gambling are the most crucial measures against its bad side effects. We assist our Users in their attempts to practice restraint so they won’t experience unfavorable side effects.

Details and contacts

Whenever you need assistance, our support will email you at no additional cost to you: email address: [email protected]

Naturally, Our Support won’t share any information about You with anybody else without getting your permission.

Advice for playing responsibly at Red Dog

Before gambling, we advise you to consider the following suggestions to ensure that the activity remains enjoyable for you and has no unfavorable effects:

  •  Decide how much you will deposit.
  •  Prior to beginning to gambling, consider how much you can really afford to risk given your current financial condition. Play with quantities that are for your amusement and enjoyment.
  •  Avoid attempting to gain back a lost at any costs.
  •  Try not to risk too much in an effort to regain what you previously lost. Play for amusement only, not to make money.
  •  Establish a time limit for yourself and stick to it. Remember that gambling shouldn’t be your only passion; it should be balanced with your other interests.
  •  Play sensibly: It is best to refrain from playing when you are really anxious, sad, or under a lot of pressure. Playing while using drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications is also prohibited.
  •  Take pauses: You should take breaks if you feel fatigued or unable to focus.
  •  Only one account: It is strongly encouraged not to create more than one Account per Person in order to more easily keep track of how much time and money You spend gaming.

Protecting Children

You must be 18 years of age or older to utilize our service. Keep Your login information hidden from any nearby kids to prevent misuse.

Self-Exclusion: If you have been told that you have a gambling addiction or are trying to stop gambling for another reason, we want to help you restore your self-control. The term “Self-Exclusion” refers to your deliberate exclusion from all gaming services. This exclusion is not reversible for a specific period of time. Please contact our support with your request to self-exclude yourself from gambling and a time frame between 6 months and 5 years. Additionally, they will outline your responsibilities and all subsequent actions for you.

For your own security, please remember that Self Exclusion is final for the designated period of time and cannot be reversed.

You are not permitted to open a new account while you are in a self-exclusion period, and doing so is against our terms of service and might lead to a permanent ban on your current account.

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